Portrush Is The Place To Be

Portrush is a small town in North Ireland that is located in County Antrim. The seaside resort on the Londonderry border is a great place for holidays and vacations. Famous for the Royal Portrush Golf Club and the three beaches: East Strand, West Strand and White Rocks, most of the town's amenities are located on a Peninsula that is about a mile long.

Popular activities in the town include fishing, playing golf, swimming and other beach activities, hiking as well as enjoying some entertainment in world famous night clubs. It is therefore a destination that has a lot to offer for the whole family. But what do you need to consider when choosing among portrush hotels?

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Adjoining rooms

When travelling with children, it is easier to stay in a hotel that has adjoining 1 x bet room. This has two major benefits: you can enjoy some private time as a couple during the vacation and you can still check on the children as frequently as you would like without having to leave your hotel room. There are many Portrush hotels that have adjoining rooms.

Kid proofing

Small children can easily hurt themselves when left alone even for the slightest moment. After booking the room, you need to thoroughly check it out and carry out some kid proofing. Remove all items that the child can use to hurt themselves or keep them out of reach. You may ask the hotel for help with this especially if you do not have a kid proofing kit.


This is one of the most important aspects in choosing the hotel room for your vacation. While it is possible to get very cheap accommodation in portrush, it may not include all the amenities you require for a comfortable stay. Besides checking the charges, check what they cover in order to prepare in case some things are not included. Comparing different hotels gives you an idea of a favourable price with respect to the amenities provided under each.

Length of stay

There are people who enjoy hotel life but app-apk-android.com/olymptrade when it exceeds a certain length of time, it not only becomes monotonous but also boring. This can be a great cause of discomfort during your vacation. However, there are hotels that are specifically designed for longer stays. They strive to make your stay memorable and as close to what you have at home as possible. So if you will be in Portrush for a while, it would be a viable idea to check these out.

Client reviews

These are a real gem when it comes to finding out specific things about the hotel. What are their customer service levels? How do they deal with complaints when they occur? Is the cleanliness up to par? What about the quality of entertainment offered? All these are aspects that you could easily discover by going through reviews of the hotel before your booking.


In the internet era, the availability of Wi-Fi, or lack thereof, is a great consideration. it not allows you to keep in touch with friends and relatives and keep them informed of your activities, it also allows those how still have to take care of business ample time https://www.app-apk-android.com/olymptrade and resources to do so at their convenience. Although the Wi-Fi signal varies from hotel to hotel, you need to confirm its availability beforehand. `